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We all answer to gravity. We depend on gravity to survive. Everything that we do has to do with gravity in one way or another. Why is it that we have no comprehensive and universal theory that shows how gravity works. What forces are involved in gravitational fields. What does the effect of a planet's rotation on its axis have on a gravitational behaviors? What does it mean when we manipulate the forces of gravity to fly in an airplane from the time of take off to the time of landing? We are in the market for a Universal Theory of Graviation that would better help us to understand something simple. Why does a ball why does a baseball fly into the air and then falls back to the ground when whe through it upward? We really deserve to understand that about God's Universe.
We must work with God and with the Holy Spriit in order to achieve the goal of understanding gravitation. We must be mature when we will go to God for the authorization to pursue a scientic unification project that will allow us to develop the preliminary theories that would develop in the Unified Field Theory or the Theory of Everything. We must use those technologies to contribute to the overall progress and unification of all of our brothers and sisters throughout God's Human Family. God does not want His children, that is us, to use a Universal Theory of Gravitation, to be used to help Humanity to commit suicide and/or homicide as we have done in the past. We hope that new theories about gravitation will help us to build spaceships that will allow us to safely explore our solar system.
The Concepts of the Pages of GravityCosmos.Com
Our 3 Fields Summary Our 5 Forces Summary
  1. We deal with 3 basic fields in the Universe: Matter, Space, and Energy.
  2. A Neutron is a article of Matter.
  3. A Proton is a Particle of Space.
  4. An Electron is a Particle of Energy.
  5. Neutrons deal with material objects such as wood or steel.
  6. Protons deal with gases and liquids.
  7. Electrons deal with heat and light fields.
  8. Density Is Defined as the Weight of a Field per Unit Volume of a Field
  9. Density Can Also Be Defined as The Number of Particles of Either Neutrons, Protons, or Electrons per Unit Volume of a Field.
  10. We Call These Proton Densities, Neutron Denisities, and/or Electron Densities.
  1. There are 5 Fundemental Forces in Gravitaion.
  2. We also have these Forces in Electromagnetism.
  3. We have a Strong Repulsive Force.
  4. We have a Weak Repulsive Force.
  5. We have a Strong Attractive Force
  6. We have a Weak Attractive Force.
  7. We have a Neutrral Force.
  8. Strong Forces Battle Weak Forces In Order to Determine Whether the Distance Between the Two Proton Densities, the Two Neutron Densities, and/or the Two Electron Densities Will Increase In Distance or Will Decrease In Distance.
  9. We Can Understand That This Struggle Has to Do With The Idea of Which Is Stronger: Being Pulled Together or Being Pushed Apart?
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Our Rotation Summary Our Magnet Summary
  • We Must Undestand the Properties of Simple Rotation.
  • We Must Understand the Propertiles of Angular Rotation..
  • We Must Understand How to Calculate Rotational Velocity.
  • We Must Understand How to Calculate Angular Velocity.
  • We Must Come to Understand the Relationship betwen Rotational Velocity and Angular Velocity.
  • We Must Understand the Concept of a 360 Degree Rotation.
  • We Must Understand How a Disc Rotates around a Center of Rotation.
  • We Must Understand How the Earth Rotates around its Central Axis.
  • We Must Understand That All Objects in the Universe Rotate or Orbit a Center Point or a Central Axis.
  • Angular Rotation Is Measured in Degrees and Not In Distance.
  • Measuring Time with a Watch Is a Uniform Way to Understand Time and Rotations While We Travel Throughout Our Solar System.
  • We Must Understand That a Pole of a Magnet Can Have One of Three Polarities.
  • A Polarity Determines Whether a Node Will Be an Attractive Force or a Repulsive Force between One Magnet and Another Magnet or Another Obljetct.
  • A Magnet's Pole Can Have a Positive Polarity, and Neutral Polarity, or a Negative Polarity.
  • A Positive Pole Is a Repulsive Force for Neutron Densities and for Electron Densities.
  • A Neutral Pole is a Repulsive Force for a Proton Denisity and is an Attractive Force for a Neutron Density.
  • A Negative Pole Is an Attractive Force For Both a Proton Denisity and for a Neutron Density.
  • We Must Understand How Magnets Work In Order to Find Better Ways to Produce Clean Energy and Power.
  • We Have to Consider the Possibility That We Have Three Polarities: A Positve Polarity, and Neutral Polarity, and a Negative Polarity.
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Our Particles Summary Our Orbit Summary
  • What Is a Particle With No Mass?
  • What Is a Particle With Mass?
  • What Is a Pulsation?
  • What Is a Propulsion?
  • What Is an Attractive Pulsation?
  • What is a Repulsive Pulsation?
  • What Is an Attractive Propulsion?
  • What Is a Repulsive Propulsion?
  • What Is The Difference Between a Pulsation and a Propulsion?
  • Can A Volume Retain Particles With No Mass?
  • Can We Replicate and Create Particles by the Pulsation of Particles with No Mass in Generators?
  • Can We Turn Particles With Mass Into Particles Without Mass?
  • Can We Turn Particles Without Mass Into Particles With Mass?
  • What Is An Orbit?
  • What is the Center of the Orbit
  • What is the Orbiting Proton Density, Neutron Density, and/or Electron Density?
  • What Is a Maxima Distance for an Orbiting Object?
  • What Is a Minima Distance for an Orbiting Object?
  • What Is a Positive Propulsion for an Orbitng Object?
  • What Is a Negative Propulsion for an Orbiting Object?
  • What is the Current Proton Distance, Neutron Distance, and/or Electron Distance of an Orbiting Object?
  • How Do We Stop an Orbit?
  • We Must Understand that Protons, Neutrons, and Electrons Can Orbit a Body Such as a Planet.
  • We Can Learn More About Orbits When We Investigate Gravitation As Part of The Development of the Unified Field Theory.
  • We Can Attempt to Determine Why Everything In The Universe Orbits Something.
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Our Time Summary Our GDrag Summary
  • We Must Understand How To Calculate the Basic Angular Velocity of a Rotating Disk.
  • We Must Understand How To Calculate the Basic Rotational Velocity of a Rotating Disk.
  • The Earth Has an Angular Distance of 360 Degrees.
  • A Watch Helps Us To Understand Where We Exist In Relation To the Angular Distance that is Measured by the Watch. A Watch Measures Angular Distance of a Planet's Rotation and the Distance Is Expressed in Degrees.
  • We Must Understand that Time Is a Measures the Angular Distance of a Stationay Proton Density, Neutron Density, and/or Electron Density.
  • Rotational Velocity Is the Distance In a Unit of Distance Such As a Meter That a Proton Density, a Neutron Denisty, or an Electron Density will travel Within a Certain Angular Distance or a Certain Amount of Time.
  • Midnight Represents a 360 Degree Angluar Rotation.
  • Noontime Represents a 180 Degree Rotation.
  • A 180 Degree Rotation is 12 Hours Long. A 360 Degree Rotation is 24 Hours Long.
  • This Concept Refers to Theories That We Can Develop to Understand How Proton Densities, Neutron Densities, or Electron Densities Move Toward Each Other or Away from Each Other in the Atmosphere of a Planet.
  • We Can Determine How Much Time It Will Take Two Neutron Densities Traveling at Two Different Velocities to Collide with One Another.
  • We Can Determine the Distance between Two Neutron Densities when They Have Traveled Away From Each Other At Different Velocities after a Certain Amount of Time.
  • We Can Determine How Much Time It Will Take for Two Neutron Densities That Are Traveling In the Same Direction But At Different Velocities to Reach Each Other.
  • We Can Adequately Explain Why It Takes a Different Amount of Time to Fly from New York to Paris Than To Fly From Paris to New York.
  • We Need to Understand the Concepts of the Graviational Drag Effect in Order to Be Able to Design and Build the New Generation of Spaceships that will allow us to explore the solar system.
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Our Spatial Mathematics Summary Our Articles Page Summary
  • We Must Understand the Concepts of Sets and Elements in Order to Understand Engineering and Scientific Priunciples.
  • A Set is a Volume of Elements.
  • A Neutron Density is a Volume That Contains Neutron Particles.
  • A Proton Density is a Volume That Contains Proton Particles.
  • An Electron Density is a Volume that Contains Electron Particles.
  • A $10 Dollar Bill is a Set of 1000 Pennies
  • A 20 Dollar Bill is a Set of 400 Nickels.
  • We Must Understand How We Exchange Particles and/or Elements Between Different Sets and Between different Volumes.
  • We Must Understand the Different Ways to Increase and Decrease the Density of a Neutron Density, a Proton Density, or an Electron Density.
  • Our Articles Contain Original Content That Is Not Paraphrased From Any Published Existing Scientific Journal Or Any Scientific Book.
  • Our Articles Are Not At All Perfect. We Would Gladly Welcome You Feedback about Our Presentation If You Would Like to Visit Our Feedback Page.
  • All of the content in our Articles Page Is Available to Our Visitors Free-of-Charge.
  • We Hope That the Language That We Have Used to Create These Projects Will Be Very Understandable to Our Young Physics Students.
  • There Are No Right or Wrong Answers Regarding Our Presentaions About Gravitation, Electromagnetism, Time, and Spatial Mathematics. We Hope That Our Arguments Will Generate Interest In The Development of Theories of Gravitation That Would Lead to The Development of a Clean Energy Generator and a New and Powerful Spaceship.
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  1. Our novel talks about the way that God develops our students from the time that they are toddlers to the time that they become young adults.
  2. God works with teachers and parents to find ways use constructive discipline that does not injure students to help them to avoid hurting themselves and/or hurting others.
  3. God builds individual relationships with each of our children and young adults that guide them through childhood and young adulthood.
  4. God does not want to see His children and young adults to be using alcohol, illegal drugs, tobacco, and/or firearms.
  5. God expects our students to understand that He expects them to be intelligent and responsible with their sexual behaviors in order to avoid the pain of an infection of a sexuallly transmitted disease.
  6. We have to understand that our chidlren and young adults must try to be part of positive peer groups and must try to reject and to avoid bad peer groups.
  7. God wants to be part of every decision that our children and young adults will make regarding sexual activity, birth control, consummation, and abortion.
  1. We must understand that we all answer to God. God is part of everything that we attempt to do to help ourselves and/or to help others.
  2. God wants to save our our lives and to save the lives of our children. God does not want us to make one fatal mistake that will cause us to disappear from the face of the earth.
  3. We must unite with all of our brothers and sisters all over the world to end God's suffering and to end our suffering.
  4. We must try to develop the most advanced technologies that will help us to safely explore our solar system.
  5. We must try to work with God to help those of us that suffer and that are in dire need of loving assistance from God and from Humanity.
  6. We must teach our children about the Power of Prayer. We must teach our students about how important it is to develop a constructive relationship with God at an early age.
  7. Science should be a universal effort to help Humanity. Investing money to produce technologies that are supposed to kill others in unacceptable. Our technologies are supposed to help us.
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