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This Website Showcases  Some of the Most Modern Theories About Gravitation, Electromagnetism, Time, and Spatial Mathematics.  We Try To Present Our Concepts, Proposals, and Theories In A Way That Is Very Understandable and That Is Very Logical. We Try To Contribute To The Overall Goal To Develop A Unified Field Theory That Will Help Us To Understand Gravitation. We Can Dream Of The Universal Unification of The Sciences In Our Future. We Can Pray For That To Happen. 

3 Fields

5 Forces

  1. What Is a Neutron?
  2. What Are The Property of a Neutron Density?
  3. How Is a Neutron Density Related to an Object of Matter?
  4. What Is a Proton?
  5. What Are The Properties of a Proton Density?
  6. How Do Proton Densities Relate to Fields of Gases and Fluids?
  7. What Is an Electron?
  8. What Are The Properties of an Electron Density?
  9. How Do Electron Densities Relate to Energy Waves Such as Light and Heat?
  1. What Is a Repulsive Force Between Two Densities?
  2. What Is an Attractive Force Between Two Densities?
  3. What Is a Proton Without Mass?  What Is a Neutron Without Mass? What Is an Electron Without Mass?
  4. What Is a Strong Repulsive Force?
  5. What Is a Weak Repulsive Force?
  6. What Is a Strong Attractive Force?
  7. What is a Weak Attractive Force?
  8. What Is a Neutral Force Between a Repulsive Force and an Attractive Force?
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  1. What Is a Magnet?
  2. What Is a Positive Pole?
  3. What Is a Neutral Pole?
  4. What is a Negative Pole?
  5. What Is a Pulsation of Particles with No Mass from a Positive Pole, a Neutral Pole, or a Negative Pole?
  6. A Positive Pole Pulsation Will Be a Repulsive Force for Neutron Densities and for Proton Densities.
  7. An Neutral Pole Will Be a Repulsive Force for a Proton Density and Will Be an Attractive Force for an Electron Density.
  8. An Electron Pole Will be an Attractive Force for a Proton Density and for a Neutron Density.
  1. All Proton Densities, Neutron Densities, and Electron Densities Orbit the Central Axis of a Planet.
  2. A Planetary Orbit Reaches a Maximum Distance and a Minimum Distance from The Star of Its Orbit During The Phases of Its Orbit.
  3. A Strong Repulsive Propulsion of Protons with No Mass Will Cause the Planet's Distance From The Star to Increase.
  4. A Strong Attractive Propulsion of Electrons will cause the Distance between the Planet and the Start to Decrease.
  5. A Double Orbit Happens When a Point on a Planet is Orbiting the Central Axis of the Central Axis of the Planet While the Planet Is Orbiting the Central Axis of Its Star.
  6. It Is Not Clear Whether Or Not the Velocities of the Planet Will Change as It Orbits the Central Axis of Its Sun.
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  1. A Parabolic Orbit Is a Cycle of an Increase in the Surface Altitude of a Neutron Density, Proton Density, or Electron Density Which Is Followed by a Sharp Decrease in Surface Altitude.
  2. In Phase One of the Increase of the Surface Altitude, the Repulsive Propulsion That Acts On The Density Is the Strong Force.
  3. The Repulsive Propulsion and the Attractive Propulsion Are Exactly Equal to One Another When The Density Reaches Its Peak Surface Altitude.
  4. The Attractive Propulsion Then Becomes the Strong Force That Causes The Surface Altitude to Decrease Until the Surface Altitude Is Equal to Zero.
  5. The Distance Between the Starting Point of the Densities Rise Into the Air Would Normally Be a considerable Distance from Where The Density Lands After the Propulsion Ends.
  1. Every Proton Density, Neutron Density, and Electron Density Will Always Rotate Around Something.  
  2. All Devices, Including Generators, Work In Conjunction with Components That Rotate On An Axis.
  3. We Can Calculate Angular Rotation, Angular Distance, and Angular Velocity.  That Is Rotation That Is Synchronized With the Orbit Of A Planet.  A Watch or a Clock Measures The Progress of the Rotation of a Planet on Its Axis To Determine a Concept of Time.
  4. We Can Calculate Rotational Velocity and Rotational Distance of a Disk That Orbits A Central Axis Such as a Compact Disc in a Compact Disc Player.
  5. We Can Study and Understand the Relationship Between Angular Distance and Rotational Distance.
  6. We Can Come To Understand the Relationship Between Angular Velocity and Rotational Velocity.
  7. Our Understandings of Rotation Can Help Us To Improve the Space Program In the Future.
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Spatial Mathematics


  1. We Must Understand the Role Of Sets In Our Lives Whenever We Really Come To Understand How To Manipulate The Concept of Time.
  2. We Must Understand Different Types of Sets.
  3. We Must Understand What An Element Is When It Is Inside of a Set.
  4. We Must Understand How To Transfer Elements From One Set to Another Set.
  5. We Must Understand How To Create Elements, To Transfer Elements Between Sets, To Create Subsets, To Transfer Subsets Between Sets, To Destroy Elements, and to Destroy Subsets.
  6. Our Understanding of Our Daily Lives Must Be a Fusion of Understanding Time and How to Relate Time To The Existence of Sets in Our Lives.
  7. We Must Understand How To Manipulate Sets In Everything That We Do.
  1. We Must Understand the Concept of Angular Distance Between Two Points On The Circumference of a Circle.
  2. We Must Understand the Angular Velocity Of a Radius That Rotates Around the Central Axis of The Circular Disk.
  3. We Must Understand the Relationship Between Angular Velocity and Rotational Velocity.
  4. We Must Understand the Relationship Between Angular Distance and Rotational Distance.
  5. We Must Understand What It Really Means to Travel Into The Future or Backward Into Time by Traveling Between Time Zones.
  6. We Must Understand That We Travel For 15° In One Hour That We Will Travel Around the Earth's Central Axis.
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The Gravitaional Drag Effect


  1. Two Objects Have To Meet and They Are A Certain Distance Apart.  They Start To Move At Different Velocities.  Therefore, The Time That It Will Take For The Two Objects To Reach Each Other Is Distorted.
  2. The Original Distance Between The Two Objects and the Actual Final Distance That The Two Objects Will Travel Before They Meet Will Not Be Equal to One Another.
  3. We Live On A Planet Where Everything Gives Us the Impression That Everything Is Stationary.  The Only Evidence that We are Rotating Around the Earth's Central Axis Is To Look At Our Watch or At Another Clock In the Room.  Everything Around Us Seems Stationary Even Though Everything Is Rotating Rapidly Around The Central Axis.
  4. We Must Be Able To Calculate The Final Distance and The Cruising Velocity of a Vehicle and a Point on the Surface of a Planet In Order To Determine The Fastest and Most Efficient Way to Reach Our Destination On Time.
  5. We Have To Take These Issues Into Account If We Are Ever Going to Build a Modern and Reusable Spaceship That Will Be Reliable.
  1. Our Articles Discuss Various Topics That Are of Interest to Scientists That Desire to Explore New Ideas That Could Lead to The Development of a Unified Field Theory, or a Theory of Everything, in the Future.
  2. We Have Not Used References or Any Previously Published Materials, Books, Articles, Movies, Documentaries, Or Other Reference Materials to Devise The Topics, Theories, and Mathematical Concepts That Appear In These Web Pages and in Our Articles for GravityCosmos.Com.
  3. Our Goal Is To Present New and Comprehensive Arguments To The Scientific Community With Regards to the Development of a New Era of Scientific Knowledge and Understanding About How God Can Play a Huge Role In the Progression of Science and Technologies.
  4. God Is The Heart and Soul of Science.  We Need To Believe In Our Relationships with God To Guide Us So That Science Will Play a Major Role In Helping Our World Leaders to Help Our Desperate Brothers and Sisters Throughout the World.
  5. Scientists, Mathematicians, And Engineers Must Look For Guidance and For Support From God In Order To Work To Stop Human Suffering and To Elevate the Standard of Living of All of Our Brothers and Sisters Throughout God's Human Family. 
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Our Goal As Scientists Is To Find A Final Understanding Of How The Universe Functions Through Our Efforts To Work With God In Our Occupations and In Our Daily Lives. We Must Strive To Achieve International Unification That Will Lead Our Human Family To A New Era Of Peaceful Coexistence Between Each Other and Between Ourselves and God. Scientists Must Work With World Leaders, Religious Leaders, and All Of Our Brothers and Sisters From All Over The World To Achieve The Goals That Will Benefit Our Brothers and Sisters Both No and Forever.

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  • We Must Teach Our Students About the Benefits of Engaging In Healthy Daily Communications with God.
  • Our Students Must Understand That God Is Always There To Help Them to Overcome Their Problems and Their Hardships.
  • We Must Help Our Students to Understand that the Holy Spirit Is There To Help Us Also.
  • God Can Teach Our Students About How To Go To Others in Order to Find Help for Their Problems Also.
  • Our Students Must Understand That God Is Part Of Everyone's Daily Lives.
  • We Find God In Our Lives By The Way That We Love Others.
  • We Feel The Love Of God By The Way That Others Show Love For Us.
  • We Have To Help Others To Feel The Love For God By The Way That We Love Them.
  • We Can Create An Organization That Can Help Us To Solve Our Problems.
  • We Can Create a Human And Social Services Organization That Will Help All Of Our Brothers and Sisters To Escape Incarceration and Homelessness.
  • We Need To Establish a Mechanism With Our Schools That Will Teach All Students To Avoid Substance Abuse and Other Crimes.
  • We Must Help Students to Understand The Crimes That They Should Not Commit.
  • We Should Invite Our Students To Be Receptive To The Love and Guidance of God So That They Will Never Face Homelessness and/or Incarceration.
  • We Must Work With God To Show Love For All Of Our Brothers and Sisters Throughout the World By Forgiving Them and By Helping Them To Avoid Continuing To Be A Threat To Themselves and/or a Threat To Others.
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