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We must try to understand how to manipulate the densities of the three main types of particles. Protons, Neutrons, and Electrons are the three types of particles that work together to allow the Universe to continue to function to promote the development and the creation of all human and nonhuman life. We will have a brief discussion of the properties of particles of protons, neutrons, and electrons on our 3 Fields page.
What Is Density? What Are The Two Different Types of Densities?
What Is a Weight Density? What Is a Particle Density?
A Weight Density is the Weight of a Mass of Particles Divided by the Units of Volume That The Particles Occupy. A Particle Density is Calculated by Determining the Number of Particles Divided By The Units of Volume that the Particles Occupy.
Let Us Look At The Following Demonstrations.
A Mass Has 15,000 Particles and weighs 2,000 Grams with a Volume of 500 Cubic Centimeters. What is the Weight Density of the Mass? What Is the Particle Density of the Mass?
A Proton Density
A Volume of 50 Cubic Centimeter Contains 25,000 Proton Particles and Weights 1,000 Grams. What is the Proton Particle Density of the Mass? What Is the Proton Weight Density of the Mass?
A Neutron Density

A Neutron Mass 30,000 Particles and weighs 50 Grams with a Volume 10 Cubic Centimeter. What is the Neutron Weight Density? What Is the Neutron Particle Density?

An Electron Density
A Mass Has a Volume of 2 Cubic Centimeters Contains 2000 Electron Particles with a Weight of 40 Grams. What Is The Weight Density of the Electron Mass? What Is the Particle Density of the Electron Mass?
To Have Mass or Not To Have Mass
Particles of Protons Densities, Neutron Densities, and Electron Densities With Mass Particles of Proton Densities, Neutron Densities, and Electron Densities with No Mass
  1. Particles Are Countable
  2. Particles Have Weight
  3. Particles are Detectable with the Five Senses
  4. Some Types of Mass Support the Existence of Life
  5. Densities Rotate In Response to the Stimulus of Densities with No Mass
  6. Densities Do Not Have Anything To Do with Attraction and Repulsion
  7. Stimulus from a Pulsation of a Density With No Mass Can Result in a Rotation, A Change in Surface Altitude, and a Change in Distance.
  8. The Consistent Pulsations of Proton Densities with No Mass, Neutron Densities with no Mass, and Electron Densities With No Mass Affect Velocity, Surface Altitudes, and Linear Distances.
  9. Particles With No Mass Contribute to The Creation of Particles With Mass.
  1. Particles Are Not Countable
  2. Particles Have Weight
  3. Particles Are Not Detectable With the Five Senses
  4. It Is Unclear How Particles with No Mass Support Life
  5. Densities with Mass Cannot Force Densities with No Mass to Rotate
  6. Densities of Particles with No Mass Control all Gravitational and Electromagnetic Forces That Are Responsible for Attractions and Repulsions of all Densities in the Universe.
  7. Certain Mechanisms Can Create Particles with No Mass By Working With Generators.
  8. Densities of Proton Densities, Neutron Densities, and Electron Densities Can Be Manipulated by Their Interactions with Particles that Have Mass.
  9. Particles with Mass Affect the Way That Particles With Mass are Created.
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