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We are now going to examine ways that particles with mass can become particles with not mass. We will also discuss the way that particles with no mass will gain mass.
What Is a Generator?
A gernerator is a mechanism of magnets and coils that will give protons, neutrons, and electrons with no mass to generate protons, neutrons, and electrons that have mass. Let us look at the following examples.
What Is a Proton Generator?


What Is a Neutron Generator?

What Is An Electron Generator?
We Can Create Particles With Mass By Buildinig Special Generators That Would Utilize the Powers of Electromagnets Work To Create the New Particles.
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All of our young adults would benefit from taking comprehensive courses about Family Planning Issues. We must understand that God is the creator of all human and nonhuman life. God wants to create human life. God wants to maintain the existence of every human being that is part of His Universe. Family Planning courses should highlight the benefits of working with God to achieve parenthood. We must help our students to understand the happiness that awaits them if they would work with God to bring new human lives into the world. We need to understand the problems that lead our young adults to malfunction with Family Planning Issues. God wants our young adults and adults to stop hurting themselves and to stop hurting others with their sexual behaviors.
Every woman is God's Factory of Human Life. God creates all human life inside of the body of a woman. Men cannot become pregnant. God cannot create a new human life without the help of a man and a woman that truly love each other to help Him to do it. God decides to create a new human life when He feels like responding to the loving intimacy of a man and a woman that God feels would be excellent candidates to achieve parenthood. God creates all nonhuman life such as plants and animals to support the unending existence of life in His Universe. We have a privilege when we live in God's Universe. We should not abuse that privilege by hurting ourselves and/or by hurting others. We have have to seek help from God and from the medical community when we feel like hurting ourselves and/or like hurting others. God is there to help all of us to be a permanent part of His Universe.
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  • Our Students Must Recognize the Existence of God In Their Lives
  • Our Teachers Must Encourage Students to Reach Out to God.
  • Our Students Have the Right to Search for God and to Find God.
  • Our Students Must Understand the Role That God Plays in Conception and in Childbirth.
  • Our Students Must Understand the Consequences of Ignoring God.
  • Our Students Must Understand the Benefits That Await Them When They Find God In Their Lives.
  • Our Students Must Understand That Their Love for God Is The Main Way That They Will Succeed In Life.
  • God Always Plays a Role In The Way That Our Students Achieve Success in Education.
  • God Guides Students In Their Studies and In their Peer Relations In Their Schools.
  • God Wants To Teach Our Children the Difference Between Right and Wrong from the Time That They Are Born.
  • We Must Teach Our Students To Do Well In School By Making Sure That They Know That God Is Part of Their Lives.
  • God Can Help Our Students to Function Properly When They Have to Face Raging Hormones and Young Adulthood.
  • We Must Understand That We Must Always Find Better Ways To Improve The Quality of Our Schools.
  • We Cannot Neglect the Right That Our Young Adult Students Have to Understand Family Planning Issues.
  • Our Students Deserve the Right To Understand How The Criminal Justice System Operates.
  • Our Students Deserve the Right to Understand How to Pursue a Relationship with God.
  • Our Students Must Understand the Consequences of Engaging in High-Risk Sexual Behaviors.
  • Our Students Must Understand the Dangers That Await Them If The Become Infected With a Sexually Transmitted Disease.
  • Our Students Must Understand that Some Sexual Behaviors Deeply Offend God.
  • Our Students Must Understand That Our Sexuality Is Part of Our Relationship With God.
  • We Must Remember That God Uses Sexual Activity as a Justification to Create New Human Lives.
  • We Must Be Respectful of God In The Ways That We Pursue Sexual Activities.
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