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We Hope That Our Articles Can Help Our Scientists To Realize That The Potential Exists for All of Us to Achieve a Superior Understanding of the Universe.  We All Hope That Such an Understanding Will Come from God and That We Will Use It to Begin to Explore the Universe and to Come to a Final Lasting Peace between All of Our Brothers and Sisters and between all of us and God.

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Concepts In Electromagnetism

Concepts In Gravitation

  • Understanding the 3 Basic Particles, Protons, Neutrons, and Electrons.
  • Understand the Difference Between a Repulsion and an Attraction
  • Understanding How To Calculate Distances Between Fields of Space, Fields of Matter, and Fields of Energy after a Pulsation.
  • Understanding What a Pulsation is and How It Works to Change the Distances between Fields.
  • What are the Differences between Particles with No Mass and Particles with Mass?
  • What Is a Propulsion?
  • What is a Surface Altitude?
  • What Is the Central Axis?
  • What are the Different Types of Propulsions That Cause Increases and Decreases in Surface Altitude?
  • What is the relationship between the Planet's Angular Velocity and its Rotational Velocity?
  • How Do We Calculate Rotational Velocity of an Object on the Surface of a Planet?
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Concepts in Spatial Mathematics

Concepts in Understanding Time

  • What Is a Set?
  • What Are Subsets?
  • How Do We Calculate Transfer Rates of Elements Between Sets?
  • What are the Functions of Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division as The Relate to Operations Between The Elements Between One or More Sets?
  • How Do Concepts About Sets Help Us To Understand the Way That We Deal With Everyday Activities Like Handling Money?
  • What Is the Difference Between Angular Velocity and Rotational Velocity?
  • How Does the Earth's Angular Rotation Help Us to Calculate Period of Time that Exists for Us?
  • What Is the Relationship Between Trigonometry and Calculating Concepts that Help Us to Understand Time?
  • How Do We Calculate that a 15° Planetary Angular Distance Is Equal to One Hour?
  • What Is the Difference Between Noon and Midnight?
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Article #6

What Is Science?

The Theory of Everything

  • Science is a Way That Humanity Tries To Find God By Trying  To Understand How His Universe Maintains Human Life.
  • Science Helps Us To Go To God When We Need Help with Our Problems.
  • Scientists Work with God to Design and to Manufacture Inventions that Elevate Our Standard of Living.
  • Science Is About the Way That We Work With God to Understand His Will and How to Achieve His Will for All of Us.
  • Science Helps Us to Understand How God Works with Us to Create and to Develop New Human Lives. 
  • The Theory of Everything will Help Us to Understand the Relationship between Gravity and Electromagnetism.
  • Scientists Will Be United In their Efforts to Work With God to Solve the World's Problems.
  • We Will Rely on Our Relationships with God To Help Us to Understand How We Can Show Love For Each Other So That Violence and Self-Destruction will end.
  • We Will Discover that All Scientists Work for Humanity and All of Them Answer to The One True God.
  • We Will Receive the Knowledge about Gravitation That Will Help All of Us to Build More Powerful Spaceships That Will Allow God's Astronauts to Explore the Solar System.
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Article # 8

The Benefits of Universal Unification

What Is The Destiny of Science?

  • We Must Realize That We Are All Brothers and Sisters that Answer to  One True God as His Family of Humanity.
  • We Must Understand That Scientific Research Must Include the Involvement of All of Our Brothers and Sisters from All Over the World.
  • The Violence and Hatred That We Have for Each Other Will End When We Will Work Together To End God's Suffering.
  • We Will Discover That God Loves All Of Us.  We Must God To Settle His Grief by Forming an Alliance of Unification with Our Brothers and Sisters from all over the world.
  • Science Is a Force That Will Help All of Us To Finally Find God,
  • Science Will Help Us To Understand That There Is No Room In God's Human Creation for Hatred and Violence.
  • Science Will Develop the Technologies That Will Give Us The Capabilities to Explore God's Solar System.
  • Scientists Will Work With God To Develop Technologies That Will Prolong Human Life Beyond Anything that We Can Imagine Now.
  • Science Will Help Us to Face God with Dignity and Respect So That We Will Achieve a Final Lasting Peace with Him and with All of Our Brothers and Sisters.
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Article #9

Article #10

How Do We Come To Find God Through Science?

Humanity's Unification with God Through Science

  • We Study How God Maintains the Existence of All Human and Nonhuman Life.
  • We Look To God To Help Us To Understand Our Relationships with Him.
  • We Look To Him for Help When We Need To Find Him So That We Can Receive Guidance and Help To Try To Solve Our Problems.
  • We Learn More About God as We Come Closer to Understanding His Universe When He Teaches Our Scientists About the Functioning of His Human Creation.
  • Scientists Help All of Us To Find God When He Teaches Them About The Universe Through Scientific Research.
  • It Has Always Been God's Hope That We Would Achieve a Final and Lasting Unification with All of Our Brothers and Sisters Throughout God's Human Family.
  • Science Is Humanity's Effort To Find God and To Work With God To End the Pain and Suffering That We Have Caused For Him In The Entire Time That Humanity has existed.
  • Science Helps Us to Love God and To Love All of Our Brothers and Sisters.
  • Science Helps Us To Have the Courage to Go To God to Ask Him For Help So That We Will Not Injure God by Trying To Solve Problems By Using Violence.
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God Wants All of Us to Benefit From a Constant Effort to Investigate and to Understand His Universe. We Must Follow the Lead of Scientists If We are Going to Find God in Our Lives and To Achieve a Final Lasting Peace with One Another When We Find God Through Scientific Investigations and Through Expressing Our Love For God.

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  • How Did the Prophets Help Us To Find God?
  • How Do We Teach Our Students to Find God?
  • How Do We Teach Our Students About the Prophets?
  • What Is God's Role in the Lives of Our Young Adults?
  • How Does God Provide Us with Resources to Help Us With Our Problems?
  • How Do Our Students God To God For Guidance and For Support?
  • How Do We Teach Our Students To Pray To God For Help As Our Prophets Taught Us To Do So?
  • What Are The Benefits Of Teaching Students How To Pray?
  • We Must Teach Our Students About The Many Roles That God Play in Our Lives.
  • We Must Understand That Everything That Supports The Creation and The Development of Human Life Comes From God.
  • We Must Understand That God Creates All Human and Nonhuman Life.
  • We Must Understand the Joy of Achieving Parenthood.
  • We Must Understand the Joy of Working With God To Make the World Into a Better Place.
  • We Must Give God Credit For Giving Us Everything That We Need To Continue To Be Part Of His Universe.
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