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We Are Privileged to Present to Our Audience Ten Articles That Present New Theories and Ideas About the Relationship That Humanity Has Built with God Through Scientific and Technological Achievements.  We Can Always Achieve a Higher Success.  We Can Always Achieve a More Profound Understanding of The Way That God Works with His Universe to Keep All Our Brothers and Sisters in Existence.  There Will Come a Day When We Will Experience International Unification and the Cessation of All Our Hostilities That Exist Between All Our Brothers and Sisters Throughout the World.  It Is Our Hope That Newer Technologies and Newer Scientific Theories Will Help Us to Explore the Solar System and to Devise a Working Model of the Theory of Everything.  We Hope That You Can Enjoy Our Presentations About Our New Scientific Theories and Our New Perspectives About Science, God, and Humanity.  All Articles Are Readable in Adobe PDF Format directly in your Web Browser For Free.  Thank you for visiting our web site.

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Concepts of Gravitation Concepts of Spatial Mathematics
  • We Try to Define The Way That Particles With Mass and Particles With No Mass Work Together to Allow Gravitational Fields to Function.
  • We Explain The Differences and the Functioning Between Matter, Space, and Energy.
  • We Try to Explain The Processes of Gravitation in Terms of Propulsions of Particles of Protons, Neutrons, and Electrons That Engage In Pulsation with No Mass.
  • We Try to Provide Theories About Planetary Rotation by Defining Linear Motion, Angular Motion, and Rotational Motion as a Body Rotates Around a Central Axis of a Planet.
  • We Help You To Understand How The Forces of Repulsion, Attraction, and Levitation Work Together to Help God To Maintain the Existence of Human and Nonhuman life.
  • We Discuss The Polarities of Protons, Neutrons, and Electrons Which Define the Way That Masses Affect The Way That We Must Struggle Against Our Weight.
  • We Try to Define The Difference The Five Strong and Weak Forces.
  • We Try to Explain the Concept of a Repulsive Propulsion and an Attractive Propulsion.
  • A Repulsive Propulsion Causes an Object to Fly Into The Air. An Attractive Propulsion Causes Objects to Fall To the Ground.
  • We Present Two Promising New Formulas That Better Help Us to Understand Attraction, Propulsion, Time, Pulsations, Changes In Distance.
  • We Present Arguments That Help Us To Understand How Repulsive Propulsions and Attractive Propulsions Work Together to Make an Orbit Successful.
  • We Attempt To Present New and Revolutionary Theories About Sets.
  • We Come To Understand That Everything That We Do Is Related to Sets in One Way or Another.
  • We Discuss Density in Terms of Elements That Are In A Set Versus The Number of Elements That Are Supposed to Exist in a Set.
  • We Discuss Ways to Increase Density, To Decrease Density, and to Leave Density the Same After An Event Has Occurred.
  • We Present New Theories About Increasing the Density of a Set by Creating Elements, by Transferring Elements From Other Sets Into The Set, and/or by Merging One Set with Another Set.
  • We Explain That The Most Common Set That We Use Every Day Is a Bank Account. One Dollar Is Equal to a Set of One-Hundred Pennies. A Ten-Dollar Bill is a set of One-Thousand Pennies.
  • What Are The Consequences of Destroying Elements That Belong to a Set?
  • How Do You Collect Elements to Form a Set and To Give a Set Its Own Identity?
  • We Discuss Advanced Concepts About How Subsets Work to Increase or Decrease the Number of Elements in a Set.and to Change the Density of the Set.
  • We Present Different Theories about What Really Happens When We Count. Do We Follow a Time Line? What Do Numbers on a Time Line Really Mean?
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Concepts In Electromagnetism Concepts In Time
  • We Try To Understand and To Explore The Concepts of Repulsion and Attraction.
  • We Discuss Theories That Discuss Magnets In Many Different Ways.
  • We Discuss the Concepts of Positive Polarity, Neutral Polarity, and Negative Polarity.
  • We Seek To Define Repulsive Pulsations and Attractive Pulsations.
  • We Seek To Explain How A Magnet Function In Terms of The Polarities of Its Poles.
  • Understanding Magnets Helps Us To Understand Rotation.
  • We Can Use Two New Magic Formulas to Help Us Two Understand How Magnets with Different Polarities Ultimately Result in Attraction or Repulsion Between Two Fields.
  • We Can Show That Generators Can Create Particles of Protons, Neutrons, and/or Electrons.
  • Magnets Can Exist with a Neutral Pole.
  • Magnets Can Have Six Different Configuration of Poles Which Have the Potential to Create Particles of Protons, Neutrons, and/or Electrons When the Poles Spin Inside of a Coil.
  • Our Goal in Understanding Electromagnetism Is To Someday Build a Clean Energy Generator That Could Produce Infinite Amounts of Power By Itself.
  • We Must All Understand That Time Is a Measurement That Monitors the Rotation of Any Point on The Surface of The Earth Around Its Central Axis.
  • A Watch Helps Us to Understand the Angular Distance That a Point on The Surface of the Earth From One Point to Another Point.
  • We Must Understand the Concepts of Linear Velocity, Rotational Velocity, and Angular Velocity In Order to Understand That Time Measurement of a Distance of Rotation of a Planet or a Star.
  • Every One Hour Equals to Exactly 15 Degrees of Angular Distance That a Point On The Surface of the Earth Has Traveled In Its Rotation Around the Central Axis.
  • According to Time Theory, The Surface of the Earth Is Separated Into 24 Arcs in Which Each Arc Measures Exactly 15 Degrees in Angular Length.
  • We Can Use Calculations of Angular Velocity and Angular Distance in Order to Understand How Planes Fly and How Vehicles Function on the Surface of the Earth.
  • We Achieve Noontime When We Achieve Our Closest Proximity to the Sun.
  • We Achieve Midnight We Achieve Our Farthest Distance from the Sun.
  • We Must Understand that Time Answers to a Planet's Central Axis.
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How Do We Find God Through Science? Humanity's Unification With God Through Science
  • Our Scientists Try To Investigate The Way That God Works With Us To Create and To Maintain Human Life.
  • Science Stimulates The Way That God Encourages Us To Build Long-Term Relationships With Him.
  • Science Is A Human Effort To Understand the Substance of God and of the Substance of the Holy Spirit.
  • Our Scientists Look To God For Help That Will Allow Our Inventions and Dreams to Become Success Stories That Will Benefit Our Brothers and Sisters All Over the World.
  • God Shows Love For Scientists and Everyone Else Who Attempt to Understand How He Operates in His Universe In Order to Make Our Human Experiences Better For All Of Us.
  • Scientists Need To Help Us To Understand How We Can Work With Him To Help Those That Are Less Fortunate Than Ourselves.
  • Science Helps Us To Find Ways To Work With God To Establish Goals That Would Benefits Him and All Our Brothers and Sisters Who Desperately Need To Welcome God Into Their Lives for Love and Assistance.
  • We Must Find God In Our Lives So That We Can Enjoy The Full Benefits of Enjoying The Privilege of Existing As a Human Being In God's Universe.
  • We Are All One Human Family. We Are All Brothers and Sisters.
  • Humanity Can Be An Organization Whose Members Can Show Nothing But Love for Each Other, for The Holy Spirit, and for God.
  • We Are Destined To End The Conflict, The Hatred, and the Never-Ending Fantasies About Hurting and Even Killing Our Brothers and Sisters.
  • We Can Be One Nation If We Believe That We Should Give God What He Deserves From Us for Giving Us the Honor of Being Part of His Creation.
  • Our Brothers and Sisters Need Our Help. We Needs Help from Our Brothers and Sisters from All Over the World. Scientists Must Work Directly With God in Order To All God and Humanity to Achieve The Happiness that Would Happen if We Would Would Unite To Become The Nation of Humanity.
  • God Will Work With Our Scientists To Elevate Our Standard of Living and to Turn Our Universal Sorrow Into A Universal and Eternal Happiness.
  • It Would Be a Much Better World If We Would Show Love For Our Family, Love for Our Brothers and Sisters All Over the World, and Love for God All at the Same Time Through the Developments of Scientific Research and Development.
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The Benefits of International Unification The Theory of Everything
  • We Would Enjoy Peace and Happiness as Part of God's Wonderful Human Creation.
  • We Would No Longer Resort to Hatred of Our Brothers and Sisters from All Over the World.
  • We Would Work with World Leaders to End God's Suffering Forever.
  • We Would Understand That God Created Us and That We Have No Right To Make Him Suffer By Inflicting Pain, Suffering, and Death Upon His Children.
  • Starvation, Poverty, and Infectious Diseases Would Stop Happening.
  • All of Our Children and Young Adults Would Discover Who Our Supreme Being Is and to Respect God by Not Being a Threat to Themselves and/or a Threat to Others.
  • We Would Have The Authorization To Conduct a Universal Space Exploration Program That Would Allow Us To Explore Our Solar System.
  • We Would Cooperate With Our Brothers and Sisters in Other Countries to Educate Our Children and Young Adults About Family Planning Issues While Showing Respect to God.
  • All of Our Brothers and Sisters From All Over The World Will Make a Universal Effort to Love God and to Show Love For Us and For the Holy Spirit.
  • A Union Between All of Our Brothers and Sisters Will One Day Bring a Final Lasting Peace for God and For All of Humanity.
  • There comes a time in human history when we become mature enough to understand Gravitation, The Laws of Nature, and the Laws of the Physical Universe.
  • We must believe that we can develop productive scientific theories that will help us to achieve the next level of our Human Existence with God and our Supreme Being.
  • We must be liberal when we are trying to develop a universal theory about gravitation and of the laws of the physical universe.  It is alright if what we discover disproves what we previously believed.
  • We will understand the value of our relationships with God and with the Holy Spirit when they will guide us to create an unprecedented level of understanding that will help us to rise above our problems.
  • It is alright if we need to use new mathematical theories that we have never used before to describe the mechanisms of gravitation and other processes of the physical universe.
  • It will be a new beginning between ourselves and God when we finally try to understand His Laws of the Physical Universe.
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What Is Science? What Is The Destiny of Science?
  • Science is an effort to understand how God creates and maintains the existence of all human and nonhuman life in the universe.
  • Science is an effort to find God by investigating the various aspects of His Creation.
  • Science is an effort to work with God and with the Holy Spirit to help us to create inventions that contribute to the betterment of all the members of Humanity.
  • Science is an effort to find Human Salvation by trying to find ways to achieve an Attachment to God.
  • Scientists work with God to save the lives of those that live with psychiatric disorders and mental illness.
  • Science is a process that we are going through that will eventually lead us to an existence with God that will be free of death and human suffering.  We will understand how to exist in a lasting peace with God.
  • Science is about using the products of nature to produce medications, inventions, many types of chemical products, and to find components of medications.
  • Science will lead us to a point where we will begin to discover the Universe in which we live.
  • Science will play a major role in the Unification of Humanity.
  • Science will find cures for most of the deadliest diseases.
  • Scientists will be respectful to God when the will warn us about the consequences of engaging in high-risk sexual behaviors.  We will someday grow up so that sexually transmitted disease infections will stop happening.
  • We will be able to explore the Solar System with new technologies and state-of-the-art spaceships.  That is very exciting.
  • Scientists will work with God to stop emotional pain and suffering throughout the world.  Those that suffer will receive help for God, the Holy Spirit, and the scientific community.
  • There should be no goal that we cannot achieve if we work with God to achieve it.
  • Our system of education will help all of those that may have learning disabilities or behavioral problems to use scientific inventions to succeed in schools even if they have disabilities.
  • Scientists will lead our brothers and sisters to find God throughout the Universe.
  • Scientists will help us to share in the glory and happiness that we will experience when we finally allow scientists to lead us to God.
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Thank you for viewing our opinions and observations about Electromagnets, Gravitation, Time, and Spatial Mathematics. We hope that there will come a day when the Theory of Everything will become a reality!!
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