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Understanding the Gravitational Drag Effect is simple and complicated. I want to drive to your car. We both drive in the same direction. Your car is somwhere else by the time that I reach where you were twenty minutes ago. I am traveling faster than you but on the same road and in the same direction. I now have to drive an additional distance while we are still driving in order to allow me to finally reach your car if both of our cars still travel in the same direction and my car travels at a faster velocity than your car.
We see evidence of this type of phenomenon whenever we fly on an airplane or orbit the Earth. The distance that we have to travel to reach another object automatically changes because of the Earth's Rotation. The Earth's Rotation will cause the total distance between to object that move toward each other or away from each other to be different than their original distance from each other. You either have to travel an additional distance to meet the other object or you have to travel a shorter distance to meet with thee object. Let us look at the illustration below.
The Gravitational Drag Effect Is an Interesting Concept.  The Basic Idea Is Really Very Understandable.  Two Objects Are a Certain Distance Apart.  They Both Start to Move Even Thought They Try to Find Each Other.  The Final Distance That They Will Travel Before They Finally Meet Will Be Exactly Different Than The Original Distance Between Them Before They Started Either Toward Each Other or Away From Each Other.  We Have To Use Special Concepts to Understand This.  Please Consider Our Following Argument.
The Original Distance Between Car A and Car B Was 120 Miles. Both Cars Travel in The Same Direction and On The Same Road. Car A Travels at a Rate of 60 Miles Per Hour. Car B Travels at a Rate of 40 Miles Per Hour. How Much Time Will It Take For Car A and Car B to Meet. What Distance Has Car A Traveled Before The Distance Between Care A and Car B is Equal to Zero Feet? What Distance Has Car B Traveled Before The Distance Between Car B and Car A Is Equal to 0 Feet?
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