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It Is Important To Understand That Our Planet Answers To The Sun of Our Solar System.  We Spin Around The Central Axis of Our Planet Earth.  We Also Spin Around The Sun That Supports God's Efforts to Create and To Maintain All Life in Our Solar System.  We Must Understand How Our Planet Orbits the Sun If We Are Going To Build Reliable Spaceships That Will Transport Us to Mars and To Beyond Mars.  The Time to Come to Understand What Orbits Do and What They Are Is Now.           

Phase 1

The Distance between Neutron Density A and Star A begins to increase because of the Star A’s Repulsive Proton Propulsion.  The smallest distance between the Stat A and the Neutron Density A is called the Orbital Neutron Density Minima.

Phase 2

The Neutron Density A Continues to Increase in Distance From The Orbital Neutron Density Minima

Phase 3

The Neutron Density reaches its farthest distance from the Star A.  This distance is called the Orbital Neutron Density Maxima.

Phase 4

The Star A then begins to emit its Attractive Electron Propulsion.  That Causes Neutron Density A to begin to be drawn closer to Star A until the Neutron Density reaches the Neutron Density Minima.

Phase 5

The Neutron Density Continues To Dercrease Om Distance from Star A

Phase 6

The Neutron Density A reaches its Neutron Density Minima.  The Cycle then begins at Phase 1 again.

We All Hope That We Will Come To Exploit a New and Universal Understanding of Orbits and Rotation So That Space Flights To and From Other Planets Can Become a Reality In This Century. We All Hope That God and That The Holy Spirit Will Give Us a Chance To Achieve Unprecedented Successes With Our Scientific Achivements and Our Universal Space Exploration Program.

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