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A very important concept that we must understand is the behavior of sets if we are going to understand gravitation and electromagnetism. We deal with sets of Proton Densities, Neutron Densities, and Electron Densities. We must understand how to transfer particles from one density to another density. We must understand that a density is a number of particles (a mass) that resides in a volume of a density. Let us look at the following illustration.
Understanding the Charging Mechanism of a Battery
A Proton Particle Charger Transfers Proton Partilcles at a rate of 4 Proton Particles per Transfer and 3 Transfers Per Second. How Many Proton Particles will be transferred to the Proton Pole of the Magnet in 45 Seconds?
The Negative Pole of a Magnet Can Hold a Maximum of 10,500 Electron Particles. The Electron Particle Charger Transfers Electron Particles to the Electron Volume of the Battery at a Rate of 10 Particles Per Transfer at 10 Transfers Per Second. How Much Time Will It Take for The Electron Volume to Hold Exactly10,500 Electron Partilces? The Initial Number of Electron Particles in the Electron Volume is Zero Electrons.
It is important to understand how sets of Proton Partilces, Neutron Particles, and Electron Particles exist and how they function. A big issue for the Theory of Everything is to understand how we transfer particles between different sets. We also need to understand how to defind mass. Mass is a countable group of particles. We must understand volume. A volume is the household of particles. A volume is an enclosure that may contain particles that are countable in and that can be transferred between different sets.
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